About Honest-1 Daytona Beach

We strive to be the most trusted vehicle service provider. We deliver what customers want …honesty, cost-effective value and ECO-friendly operating principles. Honest-1® is the only national company to operate full-service, customer-centric, and ECO-friendly Auto Care® centers.

Each Honest-1® Auto Care Center is designed to be family-friendly and cost-effective for consumers who are looking for an alternative to traditional dealership service.  We are the Home of Honest Mechanics®, and we hold all of our associates to the highest level of integrity, craftsmanship, and customer service.

The owner Dan Morris grew up in North Dakota, always wanting his own business. Dan began working on his grandfather’s farm at a very young age. After High School Dan began a 20 year career at Pizza Hut and then moved to South Daytona in July of 2007 to open his H1 Auto Care business.

Honest-1 Daytona Beach - Dan MorrisDan Morris - Owner
Honest-1 Daytona Beach - Toni SchmidkeToni Schmidke - Assist Manager / In-House Finance Manager
Honest-1 Daytona Beach - Elizabeth Elizabeth T - Service Advisor
Honest-1 Daytona Beach - Jeff Jeff Z - Service Manager
Honest-1 Daytona Beach - Mike Mike S - General Manager
Honest-1 Daytona Beach - Team Shop Management Team

Honest-1 Auto Care is the nation's only ESA Certified Eco-Friendly Auto Care chain. We offer a full range of automotive service and repairs.